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We created to help meeting planners find the best hotel match for corporate, incentive, and special events. By requiring membership, we're able to focus on personal assistance and relevant tools specific to our planner audience.

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Not a penny. Really.

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Absolutely not.

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We're here to support and inform—not annoy. You may chose what emails you'd like to receive from us and opt out at any time.
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Consider us your "Black Book" for decision
makers at the best hotels. allows you to search thousands of Elite Certified hotels and then connects you directly to them. All phone numbers, messages, RFPs, and emails go directly to the hotel sales office. WE ARE NOT A MIDDLEMAN. By having direct access, you're free to negotiate the best possible rate.

We think you should hold the power. By connecting directly with hotels, you gain leverage when negotiating the ins and outs of your event. You don't need to go to multiple hotel websites to submit your RFP. Plus, our data is constantly updated–so you know you're talking to the right person.

Because of the nature of our website, hoteliers know they are competing with the best hotels for your business. This gives you the leverage you need to negotiate the best group rates.

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Of course, if you need assistance using the site, or have a question about a location or hotel, we're happy to help! Just give us a call or send us a message.
Every member has direct access to a personal assistant who can help you with:
 Information about a particular destination or hotel
 Finding the perfect hotel for a specific event
 Account setup
 Submitting an RFP
 Ideas for creating a seamless event
 Recommendations for negotiating contracts
 And just about anything else!!!

So how does Elite provide all of this for free?

We are a marketing and technology company. All hotels listed on are here because they've met Elite's standards of quality. To be promoted on, they pay a small marketing fee. Much like Google, some hotels pay additional rates to have increased visibility on our site. We also publish a magazine, host three annual events, and sell software solutions that hotels pay a fee to use.

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